Kunst aka demie

Last year I applied at the art university „Bildende“. After 3 days exam and a 4 minute talk with the professor Daniel Richter I got denied. I got a paper which said; We are sorry that we have to tell you… I made hundred copys of this paper. Some of them I sticked on a cardboard and painted over. Here I painted  ¥o-Landi Vi$$er from the famous band „Die Antwoord“ And yes it is my answer to this art schoool… I applied 3 times by the way! The size of this work is about 110 x 70 cm.

Now the painting is hanging at the well known Bar „Krahvogel in Vienna and gets some smoky yellow! It is still to have, so if you are interested just give a call!

sorry the quality of the photo is bad:-P

here is also a link of the famous band „the Antwoord“:

Have a nice day!

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